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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs The Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation

Job Chart and Responsibilities

Job chart & Responsibilities of Assam State Film (Finance & Development) Corporation

Sl No Name  of the Officer Designation Allocation of duty
1 Sri Naba Kumar Doley Chairman Chairperson of the Board of Directors
2 Smt. Monidipa Borkotoki, ACS Managing Director Whole function of the department
3 Sri Nirmaleswar Sarma Superintendent  He is to supervise the official work, Film Museum & Film Archive, office discipline, Attendance Register of Staff, Loan and other Establishment matter. He also looks after the Accounts of the Corporation. 
4 Smt. Swapna Das Typist cum LDA Computer typing work of office, Museum & Film Archive,  prepare reply of the official letters, maintenance of office computers.
5 Smt Kabita Bhuyan LDA Issue and despatch  record of all collected Museum objects, photo posters etc. of film Museum & Film Archive, look after Telephone, Internet, Xerox & Aquaguard, prepare reply of the official letters, letters to loanees, maintain service book, leave register, stock book register, office stationery. 
6 Sri Meghnath Deka Distribution Asst. Booking of S.G. Van, maintenance of S.G. Van, Chairperson's & MD's office vehicle, Computer works, keep record of Film Print in the Film Archive   
7 Sri Kajen Ch. Thakuria Driver He is entrusted as driver of office vehicle with Managing  Director. To maintenance Log Book and cleanliness of the vehicle.
8 Sri Pranjit Kr Pathak Driver (S.G. Van) He is entrusted as Driver of the SG Van. Proper maintenance of Kilometre reading, Fuel records, Log Book and cleanliness of the S.G. Van.
9 Sri Chidananda Saikia Driver cum Generator operator He is entrusted as driver of office vehicle with the Chairperson. To maintenance Log Book and cleanliness of the vehicle and also as generator operator.
10 Sri Mukunda Ray Peon Distribution of all official letters, cleanliness of the Chairperson & M.D's chamber, Film Museum & Film Archive and  maintain office campus. 
11 Sri Ranjan Hazarika Site Engineer (Contractual) All constructional items of the Film Museum, Film Archive, MPCC, Jonakee Complex. To prepare Project Reports, sanction and release of Fund from Govt.   
12 Sri Saidul Islam Dufftary (Contractual) Register of films related to Film Archive, Bank, Treasury, EPF, VAT Tax deposit etc. To pursue files/proposal in the DCA and Secretariat.